Why become a mentee?

Simply put, having a mentor is a smart way to reach your goals faster. Whatever your business challenges are, chances are that someone has been there before you. Someone has made the mistakes and found the right path through trial and error. And their experience is the sum of all the hard work and mistakes. As a mentee you can take advantage of this.
There is perhaps a common misconception, that being a mentor is active while being a mentee is passive. This is not the case. The more you put into being a mentee, the more you get out of your mentor.

Things to consider before working with a mentor

  • Identify your challenges – and prioritize them.
  • Define your ambition with your start-up.
  • What role are you most passionate about (Sales, Business Development, Management, Operations, etc).
  • Consider what the optimal business setup looks like.
  • Identify what skills are your strengths.
  • Identify the weaknesses in your start-up.
  • Describe the mentor profile and experience you are looking for.

If you are interested, WLM encourage you to do what you can to find opportunities in your area.