The mentor can be a deciding difference for succesful startup.
But the more qualified they are, the bigger impact they make.

WE LOVE MENTORS are here to release the full potential of mentor and mentee through careully designed programs. By mathcing and developing the relationship we bring true value by improving the impact of your entrepreneurship program.

A different approach
While the general use of mentors is now recognized globally, many organizations still use a somewhat arbitrary approach to the concept of mentoring. Often based on personal network and intuitive decisions.
Over the years of managing many mentoring programs I spotted a need for a more systematic, academic and professional way of recruiting in order to prepare the mentors and improve their overall quality.
Based on these learnings, the WLM program offers you:

  • A more careful screening of candidates
  • An open, objective selction process that has resemblance to hiring
  • Embrace a more diverse group of mentors to ensure a broader range of experience and skills
  • Maximum synergy between the mentor and mentee during the program.
  • Fascillitating the right match between the mentor and mentee
  • A fixed and rigid deadline for finishing the program increase the motivation to finish.

”When the right mentors with the right attitude and motivation are recruited and matched with local, ambitious entrepreneurs something happens: Trust is quickly established, new ideas come, and the journey of the startups take off”

It’s my belief that mentors are an extraordinary group of people with a specific type of mindset that’s willing to help and support others. A mindset that derives from generosity – and unfolds through the close dialogue between the mentor and the mentee.
I believe this mindset deserves the best possible tools and preparation.

“The right team of mentors and the development of skills will make the difference you need”

The mentoring moment
It has been said that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. It is safe to say that I love working with mentors. I live for what I call the “mentoring moment”. The moment when mentor and mentee, through working closely with each other, experience an emotion of absolute presence which leads to new insights for both parties

Thomas Hørdam
Founder and owner