The right mentor is a true game changer for any startup!

Have you ever experienced when another person supported you much more than you expected? A person who walked the extra mile with you even though they didn’t have to? A person with a genuine interest in supporting  you – thus making you more confident?

If so – you have probably experienced the essence of what mentorship is all about. It is about passing on hard earned experience as a true act of altruism. It is based on generosity and willingness to guide and support any individual on their specific journey to make their visions come true. What is more fulfilling than making other people succeed?

This is exactly why we love mentors.

Our mission is to release the full potential of the mentor-mentee relationship through carefully designed programs.

We offer individually designed programs for incubators and accelerators who want to offer the best support and networks for their startup clients. We help recruit seasoned business professionals who would like to pay it forward.

We improve the impact of any entrepreneurship program by elevating the professional networks in your ecosystem, and have proven that the right mentor is a game-changer for startups.

Our approach is based on many years of hands-on experience as well as solid theoretical and philosophical approaches to mentoring and it includes:

  • A strong focus on screening and selecting a diverse group of mentors to ensure a wide range of experiences, skills and approaches
  • Setting clear expectations for mentors and mentees to make sure that all know their role
  • Facilitating the right match between mentor and mentee
  • Nurturing the relationships throughout the program
  • A fixed deadline for graduation of the program to keep up the hard work and motivation

When the right mentors with the right attitude and motivation are recruited and matched with ambitious entrepreneurs, something happens: Trust is quickly established, new ideas come, and the journey of the start-ups takes off.


Thomas Hørdam
Founder and owner

Thomas is an experienced business incubation manager and start-up coach who has been active in the business incubation industry for more than 14 years. In his different positions, Thomas has always identified experienced mentors who he has engaged in volunteer mentoring programs for start-ups. Thomas has developed his own methodology for managing mentoring programs and has certified more than 30 Program Managers from the US, Canada, South Africa, South America and India and he hast trained more than 500 mentors worldwide.