Our next open course is hosted by the International Business Innovation Association in March 2022. It is a 4-part online course for Mentor Program Managers. The course runs from March 21.st – March 30th. 2022. Read more at www.inbia.org

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WE LOVE MENTORS’ program has been presented at various conferences around the world.

  • INBIA’s International Conference, April 2021
  • INBIA’s Certification Course, August 2020
  • INBIA’s International Conference, 2020
  • e.builders Forum at Niagara Falls, 2019
  • INBIA’s International conference, Minneapolis 2019
  • Forum for SBDC’s, Copenhagen 2016
  • INBIA’s International Conference, Denver 2015
  • Russian-American Business Forum in Moscow, 2015
  • NBIA’s International Conference, New Orleans 2014
  • NBIA’s International Conference, Boston 2013
  • CABI’s International Conference, Toronto, 2013

Please contact us if you are considering a Keynote speak or a course on managing mentoring programs.