Online Training and Implementation

WE LOVE MENTORS offers an online Training and Implementation Program for incubators, accelerators and SBDC’s who wish improve or implement a mentoring program.

We start with an online introduction to the program for the incubator staff. We introduce the recruitment process of mentors and clients and support you to set the first team of mentors as well as the first group of participating clients.

The second part is online training sessions for mentors and clients to make sure that everybody know their role and expectations.  We support you in the match-making process which can be a live session online or through the collected data on mentors and mentees.

After the program-launch we support you with tools and techniques to manage the program including meeting templates for mentor-client meetings as well as mentor evaluation and program impact.

The length of our support is usually 3 -6 months dependent on your needs.


Your preparation for the course is to point out a Mentor Program Manager who will be responsible for the program. We will support the Mentor Program Manager in recruiting mentors and clients before the three-day-program launch.

Before recruiting mentors we go over the obvious questions as:

  • What kind of experience and competencies do your clients need?
  • Strategy for recruiting mentor candidates?
  • Which personal and professional mentor skills are you looking for?
  • What is the mentors’ motivation for participating?
  • What is your offering?


WE LOVE MENTORS will facilitate the process with the following agenda:


A general introduction to the program and the challenges you face as managing a mentoring program.

We take you through all the phases of our program as well as demonstrating our tools. The phases include:

  • The process of selecting the right mentor candidates
  • Onboarding- and training the selected mentor group
  • Screening clients and manage expectations for the program
  • The optimal match-making process
  • Setting the right framework for individual mentoring

We go over the process of screening applications to ensure that future applicants will benefit from the program. Also we introduce our tools to set a clear structure for the match-making of mentors and mentees.

During the program implementation the participants will gain access to WE LOVE MENTORS’ on-line guidelines and templates for all steps in the process. The material is easy-to-use and answers basically all practical questions during the implementation process.

Selecting and training mentors

Onboarding and training of mentors

We will onboard and train the selected mentor profiles who will participate in the program. The training session will cover:

  • Understanding the role of mentorship
  • Introducing techniqes of questioning, listening and reflecting with clients
  • Understanding the context of a startup and different approaches to work effectively with the startups
  • Emphasizing the six key factors for a succesful mentoring session
  • Agreeing on ethical guidelines for the group of mentors.

Members of the incubator team will participate during the whole day and will be able to do onboarding and training of new mentor candidates.


Match-making of mentors and clients

The screened clients will be matched with one or two mentees during this day, based on the We Love Mentors methodology.

We go over the process of setting up a succesful match-making session and show how to facilitate the process in the most optimal way.

After the session we plan individual meetings for the mentors and mentees for the coming months.

Follow op

During the process the mentors will be evaluated by the mentees based on how they performed as mentors. The mentors will be rated on how well they supported the mentees to e.g. develop new competences, increasedthe company turnover and profit, and gain new customers.

After six months we ask the mentees to evaluate the mentors based on their experiences.

During the process the mentors will each participate in a Skype-dialogue with Thomas Hørdam from WE LOVE MENTORS to ensure everyone is on the right track.

Finally, after nine months, based on the evaluations of the mentees, the mentors’ effort will be scored. And if the score is satisfactory, the mentor will be officially certified and will receive a diploma.

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