Our Manifesto

We love mentors because they are an extraordinary group of people with a specific type of mindset. A mindset that includes an essential principle of willingness to help and support any individual on their specific journey to make their visions come true. A mindset that derives from generosity – and unfolds through the close dialogue between the mentor and the mentee. This builds relationships that focus on nurturing and growing individual competencies and potentials – bringing everybody’s best qualities, experiences and initiatives into play. We love when we get to play a part in this. 

We live for the “mentoring moment”. The moment when mentor and mentee, through working closely with each other, experience an emotion of absolute presence which leads to new insights for both parties. A moment when time stands still and the world as we perceive it changes and a new meaning is established. Our purpose is to provide the fundamental training to ignite these mentoring moments.  

We are driven by the passion to build social capital and trust in local communities around the world, as we believe it to be the corner stone in any successful mentoring environment.

“Mentors are the secret weapons of successful startups”

… that is the conclusion of a number of studies around the world (check: Forbes, Techcrunch or Google)

As I launched my first mentoring program in 2008 to support local entrepreneurs I couldn’t agree more! When the right mentors with the right attitude and motivation are recruited and they are matched with local, ambitious entrepreneurs something happens: Trust is quickly established between mentors and mentees, new ideas come up in the dialogues, and the journey of the startups take off!

While managing many mentoring programs since 2008 I started noticing what made the difference between the different programs and how I could support the process and facilitate the best matches. Based on my observation and a lot of “trial-and-error” I adjusted my model to improve it. Today this experience is the foundation of my concept WE LOVE MENTORS. A concept that focuses on proper screening, training, match-making and feed-back between mentors and mentees – a steep learning curve for all parties!

My theoretical foundation for supporting entrepreneurs is a Master’s Degree of Science where my main focus has been “Regional Growth Strategies” within the field of economic development. Besides my training offers I’m part of the team at a high tech incubator at the Danish Technical University.

The concept for managing mentoring programs including mentor training has been presented at international conferences around the world including:

  • INBIA’s Mentor Program Manager Certification Course, August 2020
  • ICBI 34, April 2020
  • e.builders Forum at Niagara Falls, 2019
  • INBIA’s International conference, Minneapolis 2019
  • Forum for SBDC’s, Copenhagen 2016
  • INBIA’s International Conference, Denver 2015
  • NBIA’s International Conference, New Orleans 2014
  • Russian-American Business Forum in Moscow, 2014
  • NBIA’s International Conference, Boston 2013
  • CABI’s International Conference, Toronto, 2013

March 2021

Thomas is hosting an online certification course for INBIA in March 2021.